Select Foods Shoppe is a family owned company established in 2013 in Amman- Jordan.
We Opened our first shop in Amman with the aim to be the pioneer outlet in Jordan to provide our customers with a new taste of selected food choices from all over the world .
With our continuous search for what is new and what is unique in the food market to select the finest products and bring it to our customers
We cover all grocery needs for the family, yet we go further by providing more that that for real food lovers, where you can find the widest selection of delicatessen and gourmet products.
In addition to a whole section which is wholehearted to organic food, healthy food for special diet/allergy and vegan products.
Select Foods Shoppe also is a trusted supplier for the high end foodservice and catering businesses in Jordan reaching 5 star hotels and premium restaurants.

As we import directly from producers in Europe being able to cut off all middle men and wholesalers, we provide our customers with the real value for each product.


Our qualified and trained staff is more than ready to help our customers to find what they are looking for, provide information about each product and give ideas on how to enjoy it.

Providing a wide range of high-quality products that you can find at the reach of your hand only at Select Foods Shoppe.




We open daily from 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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+962 (06) 5825779

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